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Sheep Adoption

Do you enjoy catching up with what we do down on our farm? If so, why not adopt a sheep for yourself or a fab ewe lous present for a loved one.

Here at our lovely farm in Devon, we have the world's most useless sheep, the biggest characters and indeed we think the cutest sheep in the whole wide world.

As we love each and every one dearly, we have many characters on our farm who will be here with us forever, so we thought we’d give you the opportunity to follow their antics and be a part of their lifes with us. 

Our Woolly Friend adoption package costs £35 for 1 year and includes:
Meet your sheep personal video.
Photo and interesting facts of your chosen sheep
Handmade Birthday card signed from your chosen sheep
Handmade Christmas card signed from your chosen sheep
Choice of personalised woollen needle felted hanging heart or needle felted coaster when your sheep is sheared.

You can even come to meet your adopted sheep once a year between April and September by prior appointment
In addition, as a Woolly Adopter you will receive 15% off a workshop or a product that we sell during the 12 months you are a woolly adopter

Scrumpy - likes biscuits & Eskimo kisses 
Nibbles  - likes tummy tickles
Truffle - small and naughty 
Deva - loves people and biscuits 
Tiny - is chaos on four legs and likes losing his ear tags
Halli - loves exploring and playing with all the other lambs
Solitaire  - the daddy of the farm
Aero - super soft and fluffy but quite shy

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