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Wool processing  service



We are excited to be able to tell you about a new service that we now offer here at the home of Melken Jacobs.

Would you like to be able to make more of your wool.....? If so look no further!

We offer a bespoke wool hand washing and drum carding service. Each fleece is treated individually making it an ideal service for a special pet fleece, etc, and you will be sent photos of it as it goes through the washing and carding process which a lot of commercial mill's can’t offer.

We charge £50 to hand wash, wool pick and drum card by hand 1kg of wool.

This equates to approximately 20 batts. Prior to carding it is put through our wool picker to guarantee lovely fluffy batts! Additional wool fully processed at a charge of £5 per 100 grams. Drum carding is only suitable for short stapled fleeces (approximately 5 inches in length) so please check in advance.


For an additional £15 per 100 gram you can also have your fleece handspun by a lovely lady that we work alongside in Cornwall (additional courier fees apply). 

 If you prefer to just have your wool washed we charge £7.50 to hand wash and dry your fleece or £15 to wash, dry and wool pick up to 3kg raw weight.

Fleeces are either dried outside in the Devon sunshine or inside on our heated airer depending on the weather, meaning this service is available all year around.

It is a time consuming process and very much a labour of love!

For those who aren’t familiar with a batt it is basically a brushed sheet of wool similar in size to an A4 sheet of paper. Your batt can then be spun or you can needle felt or wet felt with it or even peg loom with it or simply sell them!

All our wool washing is done using hot water and soap which removes almost all of the lanolin your batts would also be suitable for colouring.

In order for us to do your fleece justice and to avoid bringing unwanted bacteria etc onto our farm we ask that it be free of dags and vegetation where possible. Any fleece arriving with moths or moth larvae will be destroyed immediately!

Any questions please ask!

Please note all work to be paid for once a price is agreed based on the washed weight  and you have chosen how you would like us to process your wool. Any fleeces weighing less than 1kg when washed will be charge at 1kg price. Once payment is received we will then start your order. Please note courier fees are an additional charge depending on weight etc. 

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